Growing in grace…

"I indeed am at the end, and I cannot do anything more— but He begins right there— He does the things that no one else can ever do. Wherever I know I am unclean is where He will put His feet and stand. ‘I indeed’ was this in the past, ‘but He’ came and something miraculous happened. Get to the end of yourself where you can do nothing, but where He does everything.” ~ Oswald Chambers

There is something absolutely beautiful and freeing about coming to the end of ourselves, knowing and believing that our Savior will put His feet in the exact place we know we are unclean. He doesn't require us to clean ourselves up to come into His presence. He doesn't wait for us to get our act together. On the contrary, He waits for us to acknowledge that we don't have our acts together; He waits for us to come before Him, filthy and broken and humble. He celebrates the moment we come to understand, "Not I, but He." I welcome you as my traveling companion, as we seek to grow together in His grace...

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Life in Proximity

I love baptism Sundays. I feel a range of emotions as I watch people being baptized – often reflecting my own journey to faith and consequential baptism and also celebrating those who are publicly professing their faith in Christ and welcoming them into the family of God. It doesn’t matter if I know the person […]

Glorious Scars

I have scars all over my body. There’s the zipper-like scar on the right side of my stomach from the time my appendix ruptured. There’s the smile-shaped scar between my two hipbones from my hysterectomy when I was twenty-nine, and there’s the small dotted scars around my belly button that commemorate my journey towards the […]

Grace Is Great Like That

Many days I find myself praying, “Jesus, remember your promise. Please come back for your people.” The brokenness of the world, the struggles and sorrows of those I know and love, and the sin that engulfs and threatens to choke the life out of God’s children, including me, pricks my heart like a thousand tiny […]